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The "Last Blood War" print I am in love with. Not because it is one of my best artworks but because if you love the Souls Series created by Hidetaka Miyazaki, you will see some ressembelence to the Faraam Knight Armor which was the inspiration of the piece. The story and dark lore of the series forever holds a special place in my heart and forever in ink on my skin. Of course I had to make at least a small homage for something that I carried through my childhood and beyond.

 4" x 5.4" (Vertical)4" x 6" (Vertical)5" x 7" (Vertical)6" x 8" (Vertical)8" x 12" (Vertical)
Width, in3.943.944.925.917.87
Height, in5.315.916.897.8711.81


.: Paper thickness: 200 gsm

Last Blood War


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