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Fine Art Posters

Time is everything. Time is your friend, your enemy; Time is how we track how we are doing in our day to day lives and sometimes time can consume us. The difficulty of time resinates with me deeply because constantly I had thought I need to move out when I'm this old, or I need to have a family and kids when I'm this old or I should be further in life at this time. We view how our peers are doing or are constantly under pressure that we need to have a certain amount of wealth or why havn't I gotten to this point of my life yet like everyone one else or maybe you even feel like you're too old to go back to school or too old to make things right with someone in your past. The Monument Of Time is a reminder to take things one step at a time because even if you fall behind or maybe skip ahead in life, this is YOUR time. Your life has its own time and sometimes when we view time as a destination it easier to enjoy the journey along the way because no matter what you will always arrive at your destination.

.: Gallery-grade 210 gsm fine art paper
.: Giclée print quality
.: Smooth matte surface

  8" x 12" (Vertical) 12″ × 18″ (Vertical) 16″ × 24″ (Vertical) 24" × 36" (Vertical)
Width, in 8.00 12.00 16.00 24.00
Height, in 12.00 18.00 24.00 36.00


Monument Of Time


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